Woven track by track (continued)

Over on my Facebook page I've been sharing some background information about some of the music from Woven. Here's an update with the two most recent posts...

Deep In Love/The Daffodil/Greenwood Laddie

This set begins with a very well-known song, Deep In Love. The words will be recognisable to lots of you; it shares 'floating verses' with the likes of The Water Is Wide and Waly Waly. Then we go straight into a jig which I've named The Daffodil. The tune is about new beginnings, and the title links with one of my favourite memories of Warkworth, the village I grew up in. Every spring, the hill below the castle is carpeted in these flowers - if anyone I know has any photos of this, feel free to share them here! After that comes an Irish song, Greenwood Laddie, with bits of the jig tune winding through it.

Four Loom Weaver

Widely thought to originate in Lancashire, it's a song about extreme poverty and hardship, taking up a similar thread (sorry!) to the Jute Mill Song - hard work for little gain, a daily struggle for basic needs, and anger at the powers that be. I kept the original melody for this one.  Thanks also to Max Reinhardt for playing it on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction last week. Catch up here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06j14rp (50'30)