Big White Hunter & The Kimono Girl

I've just been sent this video from filmmaker Tom Harrison, who Admiral Fallow collaborated with for our Glasgow Film Festival event at the beginning of March. It's lovely to see it, and to have a reminder of the night. Tom's work is fantastic; here's what he says about this particular piece:

Originally the first part of a 2013 monthly project, this version was included in Admiral Fallow's recent 'We Are Ten' event at the Old Fruitmarket on 1st March 2014, as part of the 10th Glasgow Film Festival. Beautifully scored by Sarah Hayes, this is the live recording from the event. 

*Hunter passed away following a battle with cancer, early Friday morning, 12th April, 2013. This, and other recordings, are a lasting memory of him. (He kicked the arse out of cancer for longer than anyone predicted, a gent.)

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January #1: An abstract response to family. Spliced film, inked, textured, scratched, manipulated, analogue and digital, in response to audio capture. @theopenfire

[vimeo 91469012 w=500 h=281]

Big White Hunter & The Kimono Girl (with piano accompaniment from Sarah Hayes.) from Tom Harrison on Vimeo.