I've a very busy few weeks coming up, and am really looking forward to it all! Some canny suitcase packing is required once again, but I reckon I've got it down to a fine art now...

On 1st and 2nd Aug, Admiral Fallow will be heading out to a couple of festivals: Kendal Calling (Calling Out stage, 6pm) and The Glasgow Mixtape (Glasgow Green, 7:30pm). Then we've a day at home before the first of two chunks of tracking for our next album. 

It's also going to be great to tutor at the Folkworks Junior Summer School again - last year was just brilliant. I'll be part of a concert celebrating 25 years of the Summer Schools, Elvet Methodist Church, Durham on 15th August.

Then it's straight back to the studio with the band to continue work on our new songs. There are sure to be photographic updates of the process over at AF's Facebook page, so keep an eye on that for more information on our zen recording rituals.